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thank you... a sigh of relief... 21 yo israeli girl kept us all up till 2 am because she did not feel well on her first night in the apartment... we asked questions, held out a bin and a plastic bag in front of her face when she almost heaved, but there was no relief... she complained of a severe headache... of dizziness and nautiousness ... and almost cried, burying her head into her lap, and wildly shivering... I gave her my lamb Italian coat that I got in Tartu from a second hand charity store, and which is very warm. She seemed to find it comforting.

And that is how it was, for more than three hours: a Theravada Tanganchngya Buddhist monk from Harvard Divinity School standing on his knees in front of an Israeli girl in fur, holding at times a throwing up vessel, sometimes a toast, sometimes a banana...The princess aquiencened and graciously, with week hands, and skinny long fingers, accepted the gifts of nature, and she also did with my offer of chicken bullion ... Anne, a redheaded Dutch linguist from Kroninger, sat in the center of the room with her ipad and was firing questions to our feeble princess at a rapid rate...

"Do you want to throw up?!" she would exclaim and, taking off the furs off princess, she would march her to the bathroom. But "almost" was a key word of the evening. An almost whisper. An almost throw-up. An almost collapse. The Dutch matron and the princess would emerge from the bathroom and the princess would be sitting on her throne again, acceptings the gifts of nature from the East...

"But seriously!" the linguist would exclaim, and propose calling an ambulance. That would elicit some deep suffering noises from the princess, about the high bill that she got a couple of weeks ago in the similar circumstance, and that is where I stepped in. "Oh, what hospital did you go to? What simptoms did you have? What was their conclusion? How long did they keep you?"

But the Dutch queen was not so easily dissuaded from her plan. Hospital, Ambulance, But Seriously, It can be serious! She kept on pressing till the princess whispered (and there was so much eternal suffering of all the Jewish people of the history in that almost inaudible words) that she might have been starting to feel a little better.

The monk called a lady medical school student friend past midnight. She almost made him run to the CVS Pharmacy, to which the princess uttered no objections, but Europe had its champions.

"You need to Lie Down!" said the Germanic Dutch Queen of the title Von Direktor Hayemardt, and once again the furs slid down to the chair, and strong arms led her to the bed.

Her will imposed, the Queen retired to her alcove, consisting of a mattress on the floor of a monk's room, and I went on to analyse what had just happened and what is ahead for me as the consequence of a somewhat rush decision to have an Israeli 21 yo princess as a housemate. I also wondered as to the amazing lack of accent in a young girl, who is only spending her third month in US. "Is she a spy? A runaway? A drama queen? A problem?"

Next day we were all up, ready to attack the day. The princess graciously accepted a ride from a retired math professor who was driving my son, Tam, and I to a moving job...

My son said: "She is hot! And smart!"

Tam said: "There is something wrong with her!"

Professor said: "I can do math tutoring for her"

Armenian teller at the bank said: "It's all drugs, I bet. Young people this days always do drugs. Be careful that she does not bring the police after her into your home. All drugs this days, I tell you."

The Dutch Queen said: "It must be an eating disorder."

The monk said: "I should not have called my amiga."

Umji, the Korean microbiologist who has been cleaning and painting her room since she came over three days ago, said later in the evening: " I am having an allergy attack! " And she coughed.

I tried. I really tried. I gently knocked on the monk's and Queen's door and gently informed them that the Korean microbiologist (through Prague, ChR, and Lozanne, CH) has been feeling rather unwell, and we need to come out and tend to her for a few hours, discussing her health problem, and answering what seems the most important question of the night: To call or not to call! An ambulance, that is. But they did not even leave their respective beds... And I thought that we were a team?!

I went alone, and got the anti-histamines and came back... The Queen and the monk were still searching for answers on their laptops. She gave me an affirmative with a nod, and he smiled without taking his eyes off the screen. "Start rehearsing your lullabies" said the Queen, as yesterday's princess emerged from the shower on the way to her room, all chirpy and smiley.



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